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As the Gays say:

'Who is she?'

Across the Sea, through the Veil

Hi! Call me Mara! 
My pronouns are They/Them.

I am the merging of  Latin American and European families at Sea. My parents worked on boats, and so I spent a great deal of my life traveling, exploring different countries, and learning different cultures; which has been a privilege.

That said, it hasn't been easy navigating the world with my various identities: queer, non binary, latine, to name the main ones. I have found tarot to be an invaluable help in my life when things get confusing. It's really helped me see the bigger picture when hyper-focused on details, or inversely alert me to details I'd overlooked while over-viewing the situation.
I started my Fool's Journey at the age of nine when my mother gave me her old deck, I've been hooked ever since.

It's now my aim to provide judgement free guidance to others by creating a space, particularly for marginalised communities such as the LGBTQ and Latinx ones that I belong to. 
I am aware that often times readings can be expensive and out of reach of those needing guidance and advice the most, as marginalised folks often face greater financial difficulties than the privileged. I take into account sexuality, gender, social class, disability, and race when calculating prices. 

For this reason discuss your background and situation in order to come to a price that is fair on all parties. All information received and given is kept confidential between the querent and reader in accordance to data protection laws. Prices shown on page are full prices, to know what price adjustments can be made send an email!

I'm certified in second level Usui Reiki Ryoho which helps me connect with energies surrounding us and my clients' energies.
I'm also fluent in English, Spanish, and French. So let me know which language would be most convenient for you to receive your reading in.

I look forward to reading for you!  

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