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Only by being yourself can you enter Paradise!

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A Spiritual Guide

It is my belief that the future is ever changing and mutable, and that you are the sovereign of your Fate.

As such the tarot is a system that shows you the most likely future among many possible ones at that point in time depending on the circumstances of that moment. It's up to us to work towards or away from that future. It empowers us to shape our lives for the better.

I also believe it's an excellent aid to reflect and analyse the past, which is immutable and set in stone. It helps us see the bigger picture of the chain of events that led to this moment. Giving us understanding and insight for the future.

It's also a great help in exploring and considering the choices one is faced with in the present, helping us come to a decision which may otherwise have been overwhelming us. 

Tarot can also be used for shadow work, that is to say the deep analysis and introspection of oneself. By bringing to the surface subconscious issues one may have with certain aspects of our lives, allowing us to process them and integrate those challenges into our lives in a healthy manner. 

Tarot has often helped me face things that I've been consciously or subconsciously ignoring because I haven't wanted to deal with them. Something I haven't always been willing to hear but that I've needed to hear for my life to get better. 

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El Chisme

What They're Spilling

I found the reading very insightful and illuminating. I appreciated how carefully they laid out what the reading would represent and how they did it before going on to the reading itself. I felt the content was very much a reflection of me, my life and expectations. It will definitely be helpful to me in considering my immediate future. 
I fully recommend getting a reading!

Dirk Hemmings, he/him

Excellent reading with a fast turnaround. Interpretations were clear and concise and helped me find the clarity I needed. I definitely recommend this talented reader to anyone seeking guidance; especially those involved in the LGBTQIA+ communities.

Fennis Reed, they/them

Recently had an excellent reading from The Queerophant. It was so thoughtful and insightful and a wonderful experience, I would certainly recommend their services.

Alex Volta, she/her

The Queerophant always gives the best readings. They are insightful, prompt, and sometimes totally expose you haha. I have been exclusively getting readings from them for years and will continue to do so moving forward!!!!

Devon Gearhart, he/him

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Concise and Precise



Basic 3 card spread


Receive a word document of your reading which includes: Topic, date, reading interpretation, picture of the reading.

9 Witnesses



More in depth version of 3 card spread.


Receive a word document of your reading which includes: Topic, date, reading interpretation, picture of the reading.

Free Form

Variable Price

We both discuss your needs and come up with a spread size tailored to your needs and budget.​​Receive a word document of your reading which includes: Topic, date, reading interpretation, picture of the reading.

IRL Reading

Variable Price

If you happen to be in my area, currently Brighton in the UK, we can organise to meet up for an in person reading

£25 for 30 min, £45 for 60, £60 for 90, and £70 for 120

Group/Event/Party readings:  £60/h

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"My revolution is born out of love for my people, not out of hatred for others"

The Poverty of Philosophy

by Immortal Technique

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